The Virgo cluster, a unique laboratory for galaxy evolution

Virgo is the richest and closest galaxy cluster of the Local Volume. The cluster extends more than 100 deg2 in the sky, at a distance of 16.5 Mpc. It has a gravitational mass of M200 = (1.4-4.2)x1014 M, and more than 2000 bright galaxies. The GAMACA sample in Virgo builds on HI and CO imaging data from the VIVA and VERTICO surveys, allowing to combine information on the physical response of the neutral and ionized interstellar medium to the effects of the cluster environment, in particular the hot intracluster medium.

Left panel: View of the Virgo cluster in X-rays taken by the ROSAT survey (orange) with HI maps (blue) of the galaxies in the GAMACA sample. The galaxies are  located at their position in the cluster, but their HI images are magnified by a factor 10 to show their HI morphology. Figure taken from Chung+09. Right panel: As the left panel, but  now the GAMACA-Virgo galaxies showing their velocity (blue to red colors) within the cluster.